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This place is not a place of honor. No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here. What is here is dangerous and repulsive. This place is best shunned and left uninhabited. This place is a hell, frozen over.

This place is the Glowlands.

Into the Glowlands is a game of expeditions and delving in the Glowlands, the hellish tundra of a fallen world. Wielding blades, spells and half-understood technology, venture into the freezing wastes and see what treasures you can return with, while surviving the cold, radiation and the eternal war of the Glowlands' murderous machine armies.

Into the Glowlands combines a quick roll resolution system based on combining your character's Aspects, in an entirely new d20-based dice engine called the Aspect Engine. This is designed to allow players and GMs to play an in intuitive and smooth way, with quick tactical combat and deep character customisation. It is a post-apocalyptic, science fantasy strategy RPG for fans of Ironsworn, Best Left Buried, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Lancer

We are pleased to announced that Into the Glowlands now features a fully online SRD document. This is a compendium of the full rules, and is a living document that will be updated ahead of the official releases here on itchio. You can access the SRD here

Into the Glowlands is now also released under license, meaning you can hack it, release your own adventures, add to it and sell all the results as you please. 


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

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